Public Policy

At Siff & Associates, we know that sometimes helping clients assess risk, solve problems, and realize opportunities involves more than traditional legal services. Sometimes it requires understanding the way laws and regulations are made and seeking substantive changes to them. The firm’s experienced and bipartisan team of professionals has held senior positions in the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government, as well as other organizations that play a critical role in shaping the nation’s public policy. We have been leaders in some of the most important public policy battles of the past decade. The firm has substantial experience with, and knowledge of, public policy matters related to workforce issues, financial services, energy policy, critical infrastructure, homeland security, law enforcement policy, and related budget and appropriations issues.

Given the very public spotlight placed on compliance with federal lobbying laws and ethics regulations, it is more important than ever that a client’s advocates understand how to conform to the increasingly complex regulations that may be triggered when pursuing changes to public policy. With our substantive knowledge of lobbying regulations and government ethics, clients can rest assured that retaining Siff & Associates to pursue public policy solutions will never result in the problems and adverse publicity associated with even inadvertent lapses in compliance with the regulations governing engagement with the federal government.