Federal Register Alert© Service

Many of our clients have dedicated staff or consultants monitoring and influencing federal legislation.  Few, however, are able to track effectively and assess the regulatory actions taking place each day at the dozens of federal agencies with rulemaking authority.  This is due in part to the larger volume of administrative regulations versus legislation, and the often greater technical complexity of these regulations.  Clients are often frustrated to learn of regulations affecting their interests only after it is too late to influence and shape them.

With our team of knowledgeable professionals who have served at senior levels in the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government, Siff & Associates is particularly well-suited to keep clients apprised of regulatory actions that may impact their interests.  This is done with our Federal Register Alert© Service.  Subscribers to this service get the benefit of our professionals applying their substantive knowledge and their first-hand experience with the regulatory process to conduct daily reviews of the regulations published five days a week by every federal agency.  The regulatory actions that may impact our clients are distilled into one-page summaries that are transmitted to clients shortly after an agency publishes them.  These succinct but informative summaries allow clients to quickly comprehend and discuss within their organization federal regulatory actions so they can determine if they should engage in the rulemaking process.  Our experts also make themselves available for phone consultations to discuss in greater detail regulatory actions that are the topic of a Federal Register Alert©, and can be retained to develop and execute strategies to respond to regulatory actions.

Siff & Associates’ Federal Register Alert© Service has many advantages over other methods used to track federal regulatory actions.  Services designed to deliver information based on search terms are both under- and over-inclusive.  The time it takes to ferret out the relevant information and then analyze it may not be the best use of limited staff resources.  Newsletter services also tend to be under-inclusive, limiting their coverage to the agencies that regularly deal with certain subjects.  They sometimes miss relevant actions from agencies that may not normally be associated with a certain issue or industry.  Because our Federal Register Alert© Service is grounded in client descriptions of their interests and concerns, we are able to track issues that may not have an obvious nexus to a client’s line of business.  And we do all of this for considerably less than it would cost to hire these analytic capabilities into your organization.  If you are interested in learning more about this valuable service, please contact Andrew Siff  at 202-457-7756.